синаптическое нервное окончание

English-Russian big medical dictionary. 2005.

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  • neuropodia — SYN: axon terminals, under terminal. [pl. of neuropodium or neuropodion, fr. neuro + G. podion, little foot] …   Medical dictionary

  • Parapodium — Parapodia (Gr. para, beyond or beside + podia, feet), singular parapodium, are paired, un jointed lateral outgrowths from the bodies of two different invertebrate groups, which are primarily marine in habitat. These structures are characteristic… …   Wikipedia

  • Seta — For other uses, see Seta (disambiguation). Setae on the toes of a gecko Seta (plural: setae) is a biological term derived from the Latin word for bristle . It refers to a number of different bristle or hair like structures on living organisms …   Wikipedia

  • terminal — 1. Relating to the end; final. 2. Relating to the extremity or end of any body; e.g., the end of a biopolymer. 3. A termination, extremity, end, or ending. [L. terminus, a boundary, limit] amino t. amino t.. axon terminals the somewhat enlarged,… …   Medical dictionary

  • neuropodous — n(y)üˈräpədəs adjective Etymology: neur + podous : having ventrally directed limbs or limbs with neuropodia used of certain annelid worms …   Useful english dictionary

  • podal — ˈpōdəl adjective Etymology: pod + al 1. : of or relating to a foot 2. : being membranes attached to the neuropodia and notopodia of various polychaete worms …   Useful english dictionary

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